CaDance Festival
CaDance Festival

Every festivalday a CaDance Journal!

Our reporterduo Frandjescka and Hasan take you along in the program every day during the CaDance journal!

Begin and end the festivalday with the CaDance Journal presented by our reporterduo Frandjescka Balootje and Hasan Gök. They are online and on the streets having the conversations. A short and sweet journal in which they look back on and look forward to the days. Furthermore, we also take a look behind the scenes of Studio X. Read more about Frandjescka and Hasan below. (The CaDance Journals are in Dutch)

Watch all the CaDance Journals here

Frandjescka Balootje

A chance to present for CaDance Festival? YES PLEASE! My name is Frandjescka and I'm the other half of the CaDance Journal. It is an honor to present news for CaDance, because I love to DANCE! As a former dancer, I’ll always have a special place for different styles of dance. I’m a The Hague native who works part-time as a Junior Education at Theater & Filmhuis Dakota & in my free time I love to present at festivals like Parkpop ’19, Dakota’s Ook van Jou Festival, GUAPnight & the Freedom festival ’19. I’m also a Storyteller & love to share my inner writer with the world. I love to laugh & enjoy a good drink with lovely people :)

Hasan Gök

It's a bit like a dream come true. I have always wanted to present but never got the chance to do so. When I was younger I was very shy even though i received good grades for presentations. Thanks tp Korzo and program maker Joëlle Raus Prudence I can do this for the first time. I also work in Korzo as a marketeer and I am enjoying it a lot. Last CaDance Festival changed my life to a certain extent as I got in touch with voguing and started to take classes. Eventually, that also boosted my confidence for me to conquer standing in front on a camera instead of behind. I also write poetry and like to drink coffee with friends.'

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