CaDance Festival
CaDance Festival
© Sjoerd Derine

Xtra: Sonatinas 4 Feet

© Sjoerd Derine

On Thursday 28 January we watched the livestream premiere of Sonatinas 4 Feet by Duda Paiva Company and Fractal Collective.

Together they sought inspiration in the work of Alair Gomes. Using his telephoto lens as a weapon and driven by desire and curiosity, the Brazilian photographer created perfect photos of the male body. Gomes did not believe in the unique image: he managed to create a sense of movement with series of consecutive images. He called these series ‘Sonatinas’.

"The b-boys of Fractal challenge their own limits. It looks like they want to pierce into the floor or launch themselves into the air.”

Duda Paiva in Dans Magazine

Zino about crossovers within the performing arts

Zino was one of the table guests during the Studio Talk: Let´s celebrate collaborations in art. Together with DJ Lucas Benjamin and singer Anne-Fay Kops they talked about building bridges between different disciplines. The talk was hosted by Rajiv Bhagwanbali.

Scroll down for more extra content about Fractal Collective and an interview with Zino Ainsley Schat about what movement means to him.


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