CaDance Festival
CaDance Festival


CaDance started as a festival for predominantly young, starting dance makers and dance talent in 1988. In 2021, Korzo will celebrate the 20th edition of the festival that has since served as a springboard for contemporary dance. Especially for this anniversary edition, fans can look forward - also online - to the arrival of some important choreographers who share a rich history with CaDance: Krisztina de Châtel, Marina Mascarell, Ann Van den Broek and Duda Paiva.

CaDance is celebrating its 20th edition with a very diverse and broad program. Due to the extended lockdown until February 9, only the online program of the festival can be visited. We look beyond the boundaries of dance and show different forms of movement in this edition. And all this online via our new 3D platform: Studio X.

CaDance continues online

The 20th anniversary edition of CaDance will only take place online. Live streams are broadcast from Korzo and Theater aan het Spui and from the media café we make live broadcasts around the performances with studio talks, after-talks, introductions and (live) reports. The Leo Spreksel Award, the incentive prize for young dance makers, will also be presented for the second time and there will be a beautiful podcast series.

The context program can be visited free of charge via Studio X (launch at the end of January 2021). You need to order tickets for the livestreams and film of Ann Van Broek. This can be done via this website or via

Future, the city and movement central to fringe program

To support the festival feeling, CaDance explores the future of dance, circus and physical theater with a fascinating range of follow-up talks, podcasts, panel discussions and online dance classes . In addition to the performances, this edition of the online peripheral program focuses on current events such as the new online makers house of Korzo that is to be launched and the expansion of the understanding of what dance and movement can be.

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