CaDance Festival
CaDance Festival


Due to COVID-19 Korzo organizes an online edition of the India Dance Festival, from 9 thru 23 May. Enjoying the festival is therefore a little different than you are used to, and can be watched completely online from your lazy chair :)


Facebook: our "virtual theatre"

All announcement and programs, except for the performances, can be found here. Enjoy, watch, join and comment.

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The festival shows several (short) performances or excerpts from artists that we have loved to welcome in real life. The performances can be seen for 48 hours on our website or via the dedicated YouTube playlist. You can set notifications for the premieres!

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There are no tickets, but public is encouraged to make a donation for the festival. Choose one of the fixed donations (starting from € 5,00) or pay what you want by choosing "bedrag naar keuze". The online festival is offered free of charge but not without costs. The cultural sector has been hit hard by COVID-19 and may artists cannot or hardly perform. Donations are used to create the festival and to reschedule some performances to next season.

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You can enjoy the live sessions via Zoom. The links will be shared with the events: 

  • Q&A with Seeta Patel
  • Lecdem Bharatanatyam: a journey to an aesthetic experience by Bala Devi Chandrashekar
  • Rhythms & Reflections by Proteeti Bhattarcharjee
  • Q&A with Bhavana Reddy
  • Lecdem Freedom within Frameworks by Christopher Gurusamy


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