CaDance Festival
CaDance Festival
New ways of presenting dance
© 2m2, Antonin Comestaz

New ways of presenting dance


16.15 - 17.15

Event in the past.
Makers Antonin Comestaz, Wubkje Kuindersma, Antonin Rioche
Program Free Studio Talk about ánd with film premieres
Host Rajiv Bhagwanbali
Duration 60 min

Studio talk with 3 short film premiers

Today from the media cafe, we focus on a phenomenon that because of Covid-19 we see more and more as a means of expression for dancers and choreographers: the (short) dance film. Hosted by Rajiv Bhagwanbali, we talk to choreographers Antonin Comestaz, Wubkje Kuindersma, and Antonin Rioche about this development and show new films from all three of them.

Film premieres

Antonin Rioche - finally a sign of life

Finally a sign of life reflects the days where the sun didn’t rise inside us. It was so dark that the mornings felt the same as the evenings. The light never came home, everything remained the same, the only light we had was the light inside us. Our soul had to disconnect from our body, in order to carry on. A journey to find courage to embrace moments of darkness. Dancing within the duality forever, again, and again. 

Director & adaptation Antonin Rioche | Dancers Rosanne Briens & Antonin Rioche | D.O.P Alex Avgud | Assistant drone Hein Budding | Set Coordinator Loes Schakenbos | Editor & colorist Ennya Larmit | Tracks by Will Long (Celer) + Song by Finn Ronsdorf feat. Lisa Harres | Produced by Korzo


Wubkje Kuindersma - SKYRIGHTS

SKYRIGHTS is a series of short dance films, portraying inspiring people. As the first article of the declaration of Human Rights states, all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. The reality still turns out to be different today. SKYRIGHTS celebrates people of all colours, gender identities and creeds—as an expression of equal rights. The sky belongs to all of us.

concept & choreography Wubkje Kuindersma | artist Jon Bond (NDT) | music ax Richter | film maker Ennya Larmit


Antonin Comestaz - 2m² 

During the successive lockdowns the lack of access to dance studios is often a reality. On social media it has inspired a blooming of dance content produced from small spaces. If space limitation can, of course, be somewhat problematic, the situation also reminds me of what we were essentially doing as kids when our parents sent us to play in our tiny bedroom: inventing universes, stories, and personas. With this idea in mind, I wanted to celebrate the inner child creativity that feels the need to express itself and break out from the constraints of our present times.

By Antonin Comestaz | Produced by Korzo

Check this!

Online performance

15.00 - 16.15

Livestream Bird Dog

15.00 - 16.15


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