CaDance Festival
CaDance Festival

Motus Mori


Different times The Grey Space in the Middle

Event in the past.
Choreography & concept Katja Heitmann
Production Stichting This is not a show

The movement of The Hague in a thrilling exposition

A study of the archives of mankind shows a one-sided view of humanity; a view centred on measurability. We reduce man to comparable data, to categorical differences. But is that how we want to be remembered? Choreographer Katja Heitmann wants to create an archive where the most essential, paradoxical and intangible qualities of man are kept. ‘An archive for movement’; after she recorded and shared the movements of inhabitants of cities such as Düsseldorf, Utrecht, and Tilburg, The Hague has now been invited to contribute to this initiative. During CaDance an impressive archive for human movement will be created in the exhibition space of The Grey Space. Nine performers keep the movements of the Hague going five hours every day.


Choreography & concept
Katja Heitmann
Sound design & concept
Sander van der Schaaf
Stichting This is not a show
Wies Berkhout, Rebecca Collins, Manou Koreman, Eleni Ploumi, Lea Christensen, Ornella Prieto, Karolien Wauters, Rachel Rijsdijk, Julia Drittij, Ines Pona
Artistic assistant
Moene Roovers
Artistic advice
Christina Flick, Ingrid de Rond
Video & photography
Hanneke Wetzer, Jostijn Ligtvoet
Special thanks to
Fonds Podiumkunsten, Municipality of Tilburg, Province of Noord Brabant


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