CaDance Festival
CaDance Festival


Antonin Rioche

“Moving the body to move the observer.”

- Antonin Rioche

In his earliest work, consisting mainly of choreographies for the theatre and dance films, Antonin is in constant search of a form of hyperrealism. “I have a predilection for surrealism and the reality it contains.” Think of dance in slow motion: “The dancer focusses attention on something, but meanwhile the dancer is hard at work to, at the right moment, make an unnatural, detailed, and deliberate movement, precisely placed. You have to then think differently to create something that the audience must experience.”

In his work, Antonin wants to focus the attention on these movements to spotlight certain subjects that motivate people towards a certain way of moving, thinking, and acting.

During CaDance, Antonin will premiere his newest piece Glitter vai livestream, broadcasted live from the Korzo theatre in The Hague. He will also present his new dance film Finally a sign of life.

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16.15 - 17.15


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